Two common models for starting a service business are franchising and licensing. While franchising is expensive and restricting, the licensing model lacks resources available to franchisees. RV Squad offers an innovative hybrid of the two conventional models.

Disadvantages of Franchising

  • High up front costs
  • Restrictions on how you can run the business
  • Limitations on adapting to local market
  • Intrusive franchisor monitoring
  • Cumbersome and challenging business exit process

Disadvantages of Licensing

  • Little or no support
  • Extensive terms and conditions
  • No marketing and training
  • Lack of business operation resources
  • No customer-facing functionality

Advantages of RV Squad Licensing

  • Turnkey ready-to-go solution
  • Zero capital investment
  • Monthly license that can be cancelled anytime
  • Includes cloud-based computing environment
  • Back-end and customer-facing functionality


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